Charlene Kaye – Animal Love I

Animal Love I originated from wanting to do a one-shot video.

These videos are always tricky because with the camera rolling the entire time, you have to hide all the lights, props, and dancers until they appear on screen. Eventually we realized that our dancers could help out with moving around our equipment, and then it just morphed into a large choreographed dance with our dancers as the props and light sources. Problem solving inspired us to create a hunt with flashlights through a forest of human trees.

One-shot videos can be so refreshing because they’re not about the smoke and mirrors editors whip up to “save” footage that had no direction in the first place. You can see how one-shots are done, you can see the choreography, and you can see how much planning the team puts in on set. One-shots are generally simple concepts that take a lot of time and effort to execute, and in a world full of quick cuts and fancy animation, I think audiences appreciate that. I know I do! I’m a huge fan of Michel Gondry and OK Go’s music videos, and I studied those for guidance.

This video took months of rehearsals with the dancers, and 23 takes with the crew. It was hard work, but everyone was so positive. My favorite part is at the end of the video when we finally got The Take, everyone started whooping and yelling, so I left that in for the viewers to hear.

Check out this behind the scenes video to see how we did it: