Charlene Kaye – Animal Love II

Charlene has often described this song as being about “an emotional pain that goes so deep, that is so intense, it manifests physically.” Her words made me think about a study I’d once read that described how the loss of romantic love can put a person through the same physical withdrawals a recovering addict might experience when trying to quit cocaine or nicotine.

I thought a lot about how people throughout history have tried to rid their bodies of intangible concepts such as madness, evil spirits, and even sexuality. I liked the idea of illustrating what it might look if those same medical and spiritual treatments were used to rid oneself from the madness and pain caused by a love that is unreturned.

A cure for heartbreak is something I’m sure many would find appealing, but I also hope people also feel the hopelessness of all these procedures. I guess the price we pay for being able to experience romantic love is that it is so difficult to come by, so special when you have it, and so burdensome when it is no longer wanted.

Directed by Liann Kaye
Director of Photography: Taylor Stanton
Produced by David Maire & Taylor Stanton
Production Design: Marguerite Woodward
Full Credits: