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Charlene Kaye – Animal Love II

Charlene has often described this song as being about “an emotional pain that goes so deep, that is so intense, it manifests physically.” Her words made me think about a study I’d once read that ...

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Talkfine – Dance Like This

Talkfine is a Brooklyn-based dance pop duo consisting of Clark Baxtresser and Pierce Siebers. Two good-looking guys, one piano, great harmonies…what more could you ask for? Well, perhaps some better dance moves. There’s always an ...

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Charlene Kaye – Human

I’ve always been really into Greek Mythology, and one of the myths—the story of Pygmalion—had always stuck out to me. It’s about a sculptor who isn’t interested in any of the women around him, so ...

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Charlene Kaye – Hummingbird Heart

In 2011, Charlene went on tour with internet sensation Team StarKid, where she opened for them across the country. StarKid’s videographer, Liam White, had been filming every show, including Char’s set. He passed me along ...

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