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To me the track seemed to capture the feeling of being dead inside before you meet the love of your life.  I thought it would be nice to play with very still, moody visuals during ...

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KAYE – Honey

Check out the interview here: A.V. Club: KAYE remade a classic Weezer video for her song “HONEY”

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Carlos Valdes – Open Your Eyes

Very excited to share my latest music video for Carlos Valdes’s “Open Your Eyes!” You might recognize Carlos from Broadway’s Once/Jersey Boys, CW’s The Flash, and now crushing with music. But before all this, he ...

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Blue Detective

A project I conceptualized and directed while working at the Blue Man Group– a shot by shot remake of the opening credits of True Detective using all found footage & Blueman elements from the companies ...

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Kalae Nouveau – Woman Up

This video was a ton of fun to do! So many of my videos end up being really high concept, so it was such a blast working with one white wall and only a couple ...

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Leapling – Crooked

A music video I co-directed with Leapling Frontman Dan Arnes. It all started when my co-worker Dan was looking up how to 3D print a mask of his own face in the office. We both ...

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Theo Katzman – Hard For You

Theo described this song as “a common jealous reaction to a serious breakup in a fun, lighthearted way” and I couldn’t agree more. One of our friends is an actor who, at the time, had ...

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Charlene Kaye – Animal Love I

Animal Love I originated from wanting to do a one-shot video. These videos are always tricky because with the camera rolling the entire time, you have to hide all the lights, props, and dancers until ...

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