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Charlene Kaye – UUU

To me the track seemed to capture the feeling of being dead inside before you meet the love of your life.  I thought it would be nice to play with very still, moody visuals during ...

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Charlene Kaye – Honey

Spike Jonze has been one of my favorite directors from a really young age, for both music videos and features. On top of that, the level to which I was obsessed with Weezer in high ...

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Carlos Valdes – Open Your Eyes

Very excited to share my latest music video for Carlos Valdes’s “Open Your Eyes!” You might recognize Carlos from Broadway’s Once/Jersey Boys, CW’s The Flash, and now crushing with music. But before all this, he ...

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Blue Detective

A project I conceptualized and directed while working at the Blue Man Group– a shot by shot remake of the opening credits of True Detective using all found footage & Blueman elements from the companies ...

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Kalae Nouveau – Woman Up

This video was a ton of fun to do! So many of my videos end up being really high concept, so it was such a blast working with one white wall and only a couple ...

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Leapling – Crooked

A music video I co-directed with Leapling Frontman Dan Arnes. It all started when my co-worker Dan was looking up how to 3D print a mask of his own face in the office. We both ...

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Theo Katzman – Hard For You

Theo described this song as “a common jealous reaction to a serious breakup in a fun, lighthearted way” and I couldn’t agree more. One of our friends is an actor who, at the time, had ...

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Charlene Kaye – Animal Love II

Charlene has often described this song as being about “an emotional pain that goes so deep, that is so intense, it manifests physically.” Her words made me think about a study I’d once read that ...

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Talkfine – Dance Like This

Talkfine is a Brooklyn-based dance pop duo consisting of Clark Baxtresser and Pierce Siebers. Two good-looking guys, one piano, great harmonies…what more could you ask for? Well, perhaps some better dance moves. There’s always an ...

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