Talkfine – Dance Like This

Talkfine is a Brooklyn-based dance pop duo consisting of Clark Baxtresser and Pierce Siebers. Two good-looking guys, one piano, great harmonies…what more could you ask for? Well, perhaps some better dance moves.

There’s always an element of fiction and fantasy in every Talkfine song—a knowing wink, a smile, a tongue-in-cheek playfulness. While they are just about the nicest guys I have ever met in real life, they end up writing a lot of “Hey Girl” songs, projecting a kind of machismo I find to be super fun and hilarious. The characters they put on will boast on just about anything. However, when they presented me with the hook “Did you know I dance like this?” I couldn’t help but think, “But you’re not dancers! We can’t fake this!”

Or could we? Talkfine’s first album “Lesser Known Hits” has a really great throwback 70’s feel. I was digging around “70’s imagery” on Google images when I stumbled across a photo of a man whose head was cut off by a polaroid. Everything fell into place from there. We got a bunch of amazing dancers, stuck polaroids in front of their faces, then dropped Talkfine’s heads inside. And while polaroids do authentically recall 70’s, using them actually felt pretty hip considering how popular Instagram and vintage filters are right now with Le Hipsters.

I’d like to think that the two videos I referenced the most throughout this process were Ludacris’s “Moneymaker” ft. Pharrell (for how to position and alternate two dudes hyping each other), and Chvrches “Gun” (for how to create acid trip visuals).