Charlene Kaye ft. Darren Criss – Dress and Tie

There is a big world out there to explore and Sammy the grommet from Sumba is keen to see it all. This is awesome because it’s possible. You see there was a time when a lack of clean drinking water meant Sammy, his family and local community were prone to disease and illness.

A few years back, the illustrious Darren Criss and my sister were recording a duet in LA. I was stuck in college, but I’d been listening to their demos nonstop. I just knew if we could somehow get some footage of the two of them performing, it would be magic.

I hired two videographers off LA’s Craigslist and sent them to film Darren and Charlene recording the song in the studio. I then had them Fed-Ex me a hard drive back to Michigan so I could edit it. The result was a wonderful behind-the-scenes video which probably showcases their silly personalities better than any narrative or stylized video could.