Theo Katzman – Hard For You

Theo described this song as “a common jealous reaction to a serious breakup in a fun, lighthearted way” and I couldn’t agree more.

One of our friends is an actor who, at the time, had been popping up on a lot of billboards around New York City. I was listening to Theo’s song and brainstorming narratives about exes when this thought popped into my head: “How much would it suck if you had to look at your ex-boyfriend on billboards around the city every single day?” And then, “Let’s tell that story!”

Theo’s last music video was set in Brooklyn, so it seemed appropriate to bring him to Manhattan for his next one and make the whole thing a big inside joke with NYC advertising. For months, I’d been taking pictures of billboards and posters on my phone. I hope New Yorkers recognize some of the ads we recreated!

It was a blast laying out all the ads, and Theo was such a great sport with all of the things I had him do, from slapping on a wife beater and flexing in that Badoo ad, to recreating Manhattan Mini Storage, to only wearing a sheet for Vanity/Manity Fair!” Not only is he a great musician, he’s a comedian and actor to boot.