Leapling – Crooked

A music video I co-directed with Leapling Frontman Dan Arnes.

It all started when my co-worker Dan was looking up how to 3D print a mask of his own face in the office. We both worked at Blue Man Group at the time, but Dan is also in a band called “Leapling.” As soon as he pitched the concept of creating three different versions of himself, I was all in for helping out. The first version was a mask he found on thatsmyface.com, the second, a puppet created in his image by a woman in the Czech Republic (of course), and the third would be himself. Dan had all the moving pieces in place, but because he is first and foremost a musician, I was able to help him storyboard, refine the concept, and direct on the day since he couldn’t see through that mask of his own face! This shoot was so fun to do and it was so refreshing to work on a project that didn’t involve a billion hours of post production. Editing was a breeze!